Business Continuity

Center of Seattle

  • Validate your recovery plan through realistic pre-event exercises outside your firewall.
  • Recovery suites equipped with workstations, phones, printers, projectors, whiteboards and high-speed internet access.
  • 126 workstations onsite and online in 5 recovery suites.
  • Secure Offsite storage and data protection.
  • Quick restore and recovery.
  • Ability to fail-over and run from BCCS within minutes to hours.
  • Restore servers anytime to perform tests, patches and upgrades in our virtual lab.
  • Onsite administrative and technical support.
  • Break-room, hospitality center, backup generator, women’s and men’s showers.
  • Affordable, predictable opex cost and capex savings.
  • Enterprise grade functionality on a Small Medium Business (SMB) budget.

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An End-to-End Northwest Disaster Recovery Solution

Recover in Minutes to Hours - Not Days to Weeks

Recovery is more than recovering servers, workstations, and IT infrastructure. It’s about continuing business. How do you plan for an outage or disaster? How do you recover your data and where do your people go to restore operations? Business Continuity Center of Seattle (BCCS) has a complete turn-key solution to meet  your IT business recovery needs. BCCS, a Northwest business continuity assurance facility provides the technology, facilities, equipment and expertise to ensure your data is protected at all times and your business continues to run smoothly should the unthinkable happen.

With Business Continuity Center of Seattle you can recover your business quickly and easily in the event of a disaster. An affordable subscription service provides secure offsite data backup and storage in the cloud, which can failover to your recovery suite at BCCS. BCCS provides meeting space, telephones, office supplies, fax, printers, servers, and workstations so that “business as usual” is a reality in minutes to hours instead of days or weeks. Our site recovery subscription is designed  to meet each client’s need and circumstance. With proper planning and exercising your company’s resilience is assured.

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