disaster recovery and business continuity planning
Over 250 Workstations
Phones & Infrastructure
Multi-carrier Bandwidth Availability

Business Continuity Center of Seattle (BCCS), a division of Allied Business Systems, Inc., is a Northwest business continuity assurance facility. We provide the technology, facilities, equipment and know how to ensure our subscriber companies' Information Technology survival, should the unthinkable happen. We have been helping clients with their technology needs for over 30 years.

Business Recovery Services for Microsoft Windows clients. BCCS will set up a removable disk backup system that allows your company to do a daily backup of your data, programs and system configuration. This information is moved offsite daily and would be brought to our Recovery Center should your place of business become unusable. Business recovery clients can recover all of their data as of the most recent backup and resume operations in our facility.

Test your recovery plan "outside your firewall." Exercises may uncover weaknesses before an actual emergency occurs, allow you to identify deficiencies in IT resources and response, and validate or invalidate your IT Business Continuity Plan.

Our Workgroup Recovery Solution provides space, equipment and support for clients that need local workstations and business infrastructure to access their remote co-location site. Technical support combined with over 250 workstations, phones, workstation imaging capability and broadband internet access are available to our subscribers.

We are in the business of keeping you in business!
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